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Guzauski Swist Audio System

Mick Guzauski and Larry Swist met some 40 years ago and have been working with audio gear ever since. Guzauski-Swist LLC formed from Mick Guzauski and Larry Swist’s desire to create studio monitors that were a culmination of the best, no compromise, and most exciting to listen to near-field/mid-field system they could design given the present technology available. The Guzauski-Swist Studio Monitor Systems enclosure designs allow both vertical and horizontal driver alignment and the GSA3i Amp DSP Processor running at 96K allows users definable room compensation equalization and delay also includes AES digital and analog inputs.


The Guzauski-Swist GSXED18 Sub System is available when an owner of the Guzauski-Swist GS3a Stereo 2.0 Monitoring System wishes to convert their existing 2.0 system into a 2.1, 2.2 or a 5.1 system.


The Guzauski-Swist "GS DSP" software application gives the computer user an option to control the unit from a remote CPU.

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Guzauski-Swist 12" low resonance, long excursion driver in a sealed cabinet eliminating port turbulence noise and AES Digital and analog inputs.

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The Guzauski-Swist GS4a 3 x 2 way studio monitor system is designed for professionals to take the punishment of a tracking or writing session as well as provide the extreme accuracy and translation required for mixing.

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The Guzauski-Swist GS3a Studio Monitor Systems are a perfect example of quality craftsmanship with over 40 years of research and development.