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Neve 5315 Vintage Console (Circa Mid 70’s) 24 channel frame / 4 aux / 4 group / 2 output bus. 24 x 33115 EQ/Mic Pre Pre-fader Inserts on  input channels Post Fader Inserts on groups Class A/B 33415 Channel Amplifiers 33515 Oscillator 24 x 33726A Channel Switching Modules w/ 4 Aux Pre/Post selectable. 4 Bus [...]

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Neve 88R 36 Frame Loaded 24 with Encore Automation Rare Small frame Neve 88R 5.1 mixing and monitoring Encore Moving Fader Automation (Upper and Lower Faders) Right Hand Patchbay LED Bargraph Metering Al Schmitt with the Neve 88R console at Capitol Studios 48 multitrack outs and six main outputs. Eight auxes are mono/stereo configurable in [...]

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Neve 1060 Vintage Racked Pair EQ/Pre with Octal Transformers Circa 1969. These are extremely rare. The 1060 is the last in the line of the black face germanium transistor modules. The modules use external transformers (Gardners) mounted in the custom rack for the mic and line inputs and have LO1166 output transformers inside. EQ is [...]


Neve 33422 Pair Channel Amplifiers (Vintage) With Belclair input transformers. as pictured


Features of Adjustable input and output levels for optimum signal to noise performance.


Neve 1081 Classic Reissue 4 Band EQ/Mic Pre Modules (Used) several available / price per module

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Neve 1081 Classic Reissues Rack of 8 Classic Hand-Built Preamp and EQ Designed in 1972, the 1081 was originally conceived as a combined mic/line preamp and equalizer section for the Neve modular consoles. A glance through the credits on today’s platinum-selling albums reveals that these vintage consoles are still widely used to great effect, confirming [...]


Neve/Martin Sound Flying Fader from Neve VR several available.  Price each  


Neve V Series Monitor Console Great for project or parts.  We are selling this in “as is” condition with everything pictured.


V-Series Console Power Supply - NOS


Houses up to 12 1081R and/or Air Montserrat preamp modules. Allows the user the unprecedented ability to remotely control the preamps, allowing for shorter mic cable runs as well as easily recallable settings.


Red Knob 1081 Mono Module for 1081R Remote Outboard Rack


Unloaded 5RU 8-Space 1073/1084 Powered Rack


This 3U rack will house and power two 1073 or 1084 modules, also providing modern conveniences such as phantom power, XLR I/O, and output trims.


16 X 2 Analog Summing Mixer


Fader/Mute Pack for the Neve 8816 Summing Mixer with Recall


Same as the 1073 DPA but with comprehensive digital outputs, up to 192kHz.

MSRP: $3,350.00

What more can be said about the 1073 that hasn’t already been said? Since its 60’s origins, it has been the mic pre/EQ that sets the standard for all others. Period. Effectively unavailable for years, Neve painstakingly re-created the legendary module to exact specification. It wasn’t easy (you try custom-winding transformers that have not been [...]


3 Band Equalizer and Mic Preamp


Channel Strip


Reissue of the Famous Neve 1081 Mic Pre/EQ Module


Classic 3 Band EQ & Mic Pre Module


Based on the classic 2264 limiter/compressor circuit design.