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500 Series EQ Module from Purple


Purple Audio Odd 500 Series Inductor EQ  #1 The Purple Audio Odd Equalizer is a modern update of the classic “swinging inputs” console EQ, with four easy to use bands. Each band uses a high quality inductor and carefully selected caps to give two switchable frequencies. The bands are carefully shaped and spaced to be [...]


500 Series Rack Housing and PSU


A four opamp, single channel diferential mic preamp with DI – Designed to work in standard 500 series racks.


An all-discrete 8 channel summing amp / 8×2 Mixer – Only for the Purple Audio Sweet Ten.


500 Series EQ Module from Purple


Stereo Headphone Amp & Control Room Ampifier


Discrete Microphone Preamp


500 Series FET Compressor


Inductor EQ


A ten-band inductor-based graphic EQ – Designed to work in standard 500 series racks.


Purple Audio MC77 1176 Style FET Compressor The Purple Audio MC77 supercedes the MC76 re-engineered 1176 type FET Limiter. The MC77 recreates the audio circuitry of the revision E 1176, using modern components matched to the original. One significant component is the input attenuator. The input attenuator that was custom made for the original revisions [...]