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Speck Electronics

Speck has been producing quality audio mixers, equalizers, and
preamps for all segments of professional audio recording and touring for over
45 years.


Three year old Speck LiLo 24 channel mixer that has been very well taken care of and has no issues whatsoever. It has the option that puts transformers on the group outs. The In’s & Out’s All audio inputs, outputs, and inserts are fully balanced and available on XLR and TRS connectors. Connect the LiLo [...]


Summing Line Mixer with 16 Stereo Input Channels and 2 Stereo Outputs

This product has been discontinued.

Line Mixer with 24 Channel Frame and 24 Input Modules


Line Mixer with 16 Channel Frame and 16 Input Modules

MSRP: $869.00

500 Series 4-Band Equalizer

MSRP: $998.00

Single Channel Mic Preamp with Expandable Mix Section


Professional 4-Band Equalizer in Half Rack Layout - Built-In Transformer


Professional 4-Band Equalizer in Half Rack Layout (No Transformer)

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