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Thermionic Culture

Powered by Thermionic Valves! Hand built, high quality studio outboard equipment, using only valve technology – naturally.


Dual mono Tube Pre Amp EQ, mic line switching, distortion controls, and DI with balanced output


12 Channel Tube Summing Mixer with Attitude


NOS-tube driven, stereo preamp/distortion Super 15 with balanced outs option


Tube driven, two-channel EQ, Shelving Bass and Treble lift /cut Controls at 2 frequencies each, Mid Cut and Lift at 4 Frequencies each with Three 'Q' combinations, Presence and Air Controls


Stereo passive equalizer, variable Q boost at 11 frequencies of 21 dB and simultaneously a cut at 11 frequencies of 21dB, with high shelving boost or cut


Class A bias valves in a push-pull circuit, 62dB of mic gain and a variable output along with pads, phase and stepped filter


Stereo tube compressor for mastering applications, 24 position ELMA, a 11 position ELMA for the Threshold, 6 position ALPHA attack and release and a 31 position OMEG stepped output pot.


Mono Microphone Amp Compressor


Stereo distortion effects processor, includes 3 SQ (“squash”) settings, 5 musically tuned sharp dynamic mid lift settings, Bias control is more useful than ever before for type of sound and mid lift, Extra mid way +10dB setting on Drive switch, before Overdrive (+20dB), Broad Presence control on + 10 dB position


Two-channel tube distortion unit, enhancer, with bias control, low pass filter, DI, bypass and overdrive