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Large and small format mixing consoles and sidecars.

Used/Vintage Consoles


SSL XL 9080K Recording Console (Used)

Large Format Recording Console This SSL SL9080K comes from a pristine production room. The 80 - 911XL I/Os are installed in a console fitted with 7.2 degree wings.  It’s equipped with LED metering, Total Recall, and the K Series Ultimation moving fader automation system. The 17 patch row remote patch bay is supplied with 10 meter cables, and the computer comes with all cabling and power supplies. Service and Operators manuals are included along with a healthy supply of spares.

Price: Call or Email for Price and Info


Neve 88R

LARGE-FORMAT ANALOG RECORDING CONSOLE Extremely beautiful Neve 88R 84 channel available in January.  Please call for consultation and additional details.  We will custom configure your studio as well as arrange installation and delivery.

Price: Call or E-mail


SSL Duality 48 Channel Console (Used)

48 Channel Analog Console / DAW Controller - Fully analog large-format console with digital audio workstation integration and control This 48 channel SSL Duality comes from a well maintained studio where it has served as the main mixing console. With 48 channels of long fader DAW control, combined with SSL EQ and dynamics, this console is ready to be the centerpiece of a spectacular mix room.

Price: $150,000.00



Digidesign Icon D-Control 32 Blue (Used)

32-Channel Recording Console This 32 channel Blue Icon D-Control comes from a climate controlled, well maintained private room where it was lightly used. It was installed by Digi certified techs, and is in pristine condition and comes with the XMON interface and cables. With the 32 Penny and Giles faders and dedicated multi purpose controls on the ICON, you can control every feature in Pro Tools, and create unique mixing configurations to suit your personal recording and mixing style.

Price: Call or Email for Price and Information


Midas Heritage 3000 Console (Used)

56-Channel Mixing Console Used Midas Heritage 3000 56-Channel Mixing Console. It includes 6 stereo modules. There are 3 power supply's (one extra) included with the sale, as well as a Midas Mixer Road Case. The road case is the "purple one", and includes casters. The serial number on the board is #3669 and was manufactured in 2004. This board was purchased new and has had only one owner. It is in excellent condition.It was never toured and is fully operational. It was used less than 6 times a year, mainly for corporate events.

Price: Call or Email for Price and Info


Calrec S2 Recording Console (Used)

This console was originally used at NBC studios and then was given to a college radio station and was never really used after that. The console has been recently tested and was up and running.

Price: Call or Email for Price and Info


Euphonix CS2000 48 (Used)

48 Fader Recording Console
Used Euphonix CS-2000 Digitally Controlled Analog Mixing Console. 48 faders. Audio Tower with Rev F audio trays. Recall Automation. It has a new computer from January of 2012 and is running software version 3.2. Also included in the sale is the PSU, patchbays, and cabling

Price: $18,500.00



Neve VRP48 (Used)

48-Channel Recording Console with Flying Faders Neve VRP48 with Flying Faders, Left Hand Patchbay, Plasma Meters with Dynamic Metering.

Price: Call or E-mail


Midas Venice F24 (Used)

24 Channel Analog Console This is a gently used Midas Venice F-24 24-Channel Analog Recording Console. This board has been used only a few times and is in very good physical and working condition. It will ship in the flight case that is pictured. 

Price: $2,200.00



Euphonix S5 Fusion Recording Console (Used)

24-Fader Hybrid Recording Console This is a 24 fader Euphonix S5 Fusion desk in a 7ft black frame with 16 variable gain Mic/line inputs and 10 fixed-gain analog (XLR) Line inputs. It features Eucon hybrid DAW control of LogicPro, Sonar and Pro Tools.The system includes a digital audio processing core with 2 SP663 Music Mixer DSP line cards for a total of 116 input channels with the following per channel: 4 band parametric EQ & 2 band shelving filter, compressor/limiter, expander/gate, key input, side chain, delay, direct output and insert, and 12 mix/ sub-group busses that can be configured up to 7.1 surround; 24 Group Matrix busses, and 16 aux busses. The MC524 monitor interface controls up to 3 surround and 4 stereo monitor outputs.

Price: Call or Email for Price and Info


SSL AWS 948 Recording Console (Used)

Analog Console/DAW Controller Here’s a chance to get real SSL sound and style into your control room . With the AWS 948 you can shape your sounds with the E or G style SSL EQ, and control your DAW tracks  - all on the same surface. Automate your mix with the onboard automation, or use your DAW automation to control the analog faders. If you have SSL experience or if you always wanted to work on one - this AWS 948 is for you. 

Price: $72,500.00



Neumann SP 272 Mastering Console (Vintage)

Very Rare Georg Neumann Mastering/Transfer Console
  • Georg Neumann GMBH SP272 Mastering/Transfer Console
  • NTP Gain Reduction Meters
  • Neumann Q-1501 Phase Meter
  • RTW peak program meter
  • NTP Compressor Amplifies 179-120 x 2
  • Neumann RV72 Console Attenuators x 2
  •  for preview and modulation paths of lacquer cutting signal. Half dB steps from -10 to +10 dB. Continuously variable from -10 dB to - infinity. Mu metal enclosure
  • Neumann PEV-B Passive Equalizers x 2 
  • ATW Switching Throughout
  • Integral 52 Point 1/4” Patchbay x 2
  • Comprehensive XLR and DB25 rear patching system
  • 4 Way Monitor Selector
  • NS-66 Cards x 4
  • TN 15 Card
  • Onboard PSU
  • Neumann Factory Ashtray

Price: $18,500.00



Amek/Neve Media 51 48-Ch Recording Console (Used)

Supertrue Automation including Virtual Dynamics, Recall, Visual FX Amek/Neve Media 51 48 channel surround equipped analog mixing console with Super True Automation, Virtual Dynamics and Recall.  Plasma Metering

The Amek Media 51 has true surround monitor capabilities, Dynamics, Recall and topology developed by Amek.  Rupert Neve contributed the Equalizer and Mic Preamp design. The consoles was built in the late 1990’s and was really one of the top consoles in the under $100,000 class for its time.  Check out the overview of the console here

User Guide

AMEK's universal Supertrue™ fader, switch and event automation is included as standard. This permits fast, precise and flexible control of console settings, and also ensures a successful commercial venture through delivery of intuitive and familiar ease of operation. Supertrue™ encompasses Virtual Dynamics™, Recall, Visual FX, synchronisation to incoming SMPTE and software control of external devices.

Price: $16,500.00



Neve VR36

Large Format Analog Recording Console Loaded 36 inline 72 faders on mixdown 
Plasma Meters 
Flying Fader moving fader automation 
Total Recall Power Supplies 

This is a small frame large format mixing console rarely available in a compact frame size.

Price: Call or Email for Price and Info


Neve 8232

Classic Neve 8232 recording console in excellent condition.

All functions are assignable to either the channel or mix path. There are mutes and solos on both paths. Routing to 24 mix busses as well as the quad mix buss. All outputs from the console are fed by the big and heavy torroidal transformers. This was a very expensive option from Neve; absolutely critical in the comparable sonic footprint (big-ass bottom) of previous generations of Neve desks. 

Panning includes left/right and front/back on 2 pots. 

The mix buss can be used as front and rear stereo or as 2 stereo sub- masters feeding a single stereo master. Every buss on the console has balanced inserts for external processing. The 24 buss routing is done via an illuminated matrix from either below each fader or from the center section. These assignments are stored as templates for recall. To avoid any problem with the matrix; just change the memory battery every 3 years. 

Additional modification allows for 32 extra line inputs to appear on the small (upper) faders during mixdown. This is not a stock option from Neve. Full tt patchbay on left hand side above the producer desk. 

Console is in fantastic working order and available for live demo in Florida. You can actually come hear what you're buying!  

Dimensions: 96" wide x 50" high x 48" deep

Price: Call or Email for Price and Info


Neotek Elite 36 Inline Analog Recording Console

Chicago's Finest This Elite 36 channel desk is a great way to get into professional mixing. Built in Chicago, USA, with functionality and ergonomics in mind. This desk has awesome routing and monitoring facilities. This desk has enough headroom and sound to stand up to consoles twice its price range.

The console is 7 '3" wide.  Nice and ergonomic and will fit into most rooms.

Price: Call For Price


SSL Matrix 1 Mixing Console Used

SuperAnalogue™ 16 Channel, 48 Input Mixing Console with Built In Signal Router and Multi-Layer Digital Workstation Control. Pre Owned SSL Matrix 1 in excellent condition.  Great small format analog console with DAW faders, sophisticated master section facilities and snap shot Total Recall computer.  The Matrix is an excellent interface for engineer/producers with a great collection of external pre's, compressors etc who want to take their mixing to the next level.  With 3 layers of DAW control 48 channels on mix as well as TR there is nothing you cant do on this little desk.

This console has an extended factory warranty until 2016 was purchased new in 2011 by the original owner.  It has been used minimally in a private studio.  We also have 2 loaded Xracks if you are interested in expanding the system.  Give us a call.

Price: $15,000.00



Used SSL 4040E/G+

SSL4040E/G+ Total Recall pre-owned recording console configured: Loaded with 40 611 Input modules with E242 EQ, LH Patchbay, RH Producer Desk, VU Meters. 3 1/2" Drives G Plus Computer, PSU, Cabling and Manuals. 

Price: Call or E-mail


SSL 4040E/G+ Turn-key Studio (Used)

Great opportunity to purchase a complete turn key SSL equipment package.  The Console features:

SSL4040E/G+ Total Recall pre-owned recording console configured: Loaded with 40 611 Input modules with E242 EQ, LH Patchbay, RH Producer Desk, VU Meters. 3 1/2" Drives G Plus Computer, PSU, Cabling and Manuals.

In addition:

ProTools HD3 7.3.1 (24in/40 out Apogee)
Tascam DV-RA 1000 digital 2track
Silvertone wire recorder

Price: Call or Email for Pricing


Studer 900 (Used)

Studer 900 series recording console (Used)

Price: $26,500.00


Results 1-20 of 2112
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