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Large and small format mixing consoles and sidecars.

Used/Vintage Consoles


Helios 32 x 16 x 24 Studio Console Vintage 1975!

Originally commissioned for Talent Studios Oslo Norway.

The console has been professionally re-screened and painted.

All new faders and refurbishment.

Patchbays have been updated to Bantam TT with Mogami wiring Elco Backplane.  

The 3102 EQ was designed by Swettenham on the last Townhouse Studios Helios and the Talent desk, = Type 78 Active. In comparison to the early type 69's fixed bands this was the most versatile discrete Helios EQ produced.

A brief history of Dick Swettenham and Helios:
Founder Dick Swettenham was technical service/design engineer at Abbey Road Studios in the early 60's.

Started Development of the first Helios desk while at Olympic Sound Studios in London where the original Hendrix masters were recorded by Eddie Kramer. The goal was to custom design the most "Musical" sounding desk and become an attraction for the top recording acts of the day. The original studio one was desk built at Olympic in 1965 and Helios was born. Olympic studios, went on to host Hendrix, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Traffic and many key recording artists.

Price: Under Agreement


Dream Studio

Turn-Key Recording Studio in Palm Springs California Newly built, features a SSL 9048J console, Digidesign HD3 digital editing system and a Sony APR24 24-track 2'' recorder and a very comprehensive inventory of outboard gear and mics. Control room, live tracking room, vocal/iso booth, machine room, private lounge and off street parking. The entire space was professionally designed and built to the highest standards, room within a room construction tuned with custom traps, resonators, baffles, diffusers, absorbers and isolators. Console commissioning and all studio wiring and panels designed and installed by Paul Cox. Very flexible systems includes speaker and line level patching, headphone system, networking, mic and tie lines clearly labeled on custom panels. All studio equipment is wired to a 100amp Equi-tech balanced power panel. The studio has 4 separate super efficient HVAC units and the office/warehouse has a separate unit making 5 total for the facility. This newly built studio and its equipment package are in top working condition ready to record!This sale includes the real estate it occupies.

Price: Call or Email for More Information


SSL XL 9080K Recording Console (Used)

Large Format Recording Console This SSL SL9080K comes from a pristine production room. The 80 - 911XL I/Os are installed in a console fitted with 7.2 degree wings.  It’s equipped with LED metering, Total Recall, and the K Series Ultimation moving fader automation system. The 17 patch row remote patch bay is supplied with 10 meter cables, and the computer comes with all cabling and power supplies. Service and Operators manuals are included along with a healthy supply of spares.

Price: Call or Email for Price and Info


Euphonix System 5 (Used)

High Performance Digital Recording Console The System 5 from Euphonix is a high performance digital audio mixing system specifically designed for audio post-production and music applications. 

Price: Call or Email for Price


Neve 88R

LARGE-FORMAT ANALOG RECORDING CONSOLE Extremely beautiful Neve 88R 84 channel available in January.  Please call for consultation and additional details.  We will custom configure your studio as well as arrange installation and delivery.

Price: Call or E-mail


Euphonix CS3000 Digitally Controlled Analog Recording Console

Euphonix CS3000 Digitally Controlled Analog Mixing System.
4T 96 frame loaded 56 faders, 3 ES108a Dynamics, 24x8 Cube, TT007 machine control.

Price: $35,000.00



Avid Icon D-Control 32 Ch. (Used)

The D-Control worksurface combines the feel of a large-format console with a level of control and added Pro Tools® functionality that can only be accessed with an ICON system. D-Control offers a comprehensive array of touch-sensitive controls and visual mixing feedback. With a dedicated center section allowing critical mixing tasks to be performed without leaving the sweet spot, per-channel control over all processing functions and routing, global automation capabilities, and full studio and control room monitoring and communications facilities, D-Control delivers an unprecedented level of hands-on control over the most complex projects.

Price: SOLD


SSL Duality 48 Channel Console (Used)

48 Channel Analog Console / DAW Controller - Fully analog large-format console with digital audio workstation integration and control This 48 channel SSL Duality comes from a well maintained studio where it has served as the main mixing console. With 48 channels of long fader DAW control, combined with SSL EQ and dynamics, this console is ready to be the centerpiece of a spectacular mix room.

Price: Call or Email for Price and Info


Amek/Neve 9098i 72 input Pre Owned

Flagship Rupert Neve Large Format Analog Mixing Console The console was originally designed by Rupert Neve in conjunction with Grahm Langley for Amek in the mid 1990’s.  Many top mixers believe it is the greatest sounding large format console ever designed. One of the cool features about the 9098 is the way a mixer can contour the EQ to get an old fat vintage Neve type sound or a completely modern surgical narrow Q.  This along with full automation, recall, film panning, 5.1 and dynamics makes it one of the premier large format consoles EVER designed.  This one is a 72 input that has been used sparingly in a private setting.  It comes complete with 2 power supply towers, and manuals. Originally Amek produced a split 9098 (non ''I'' version) but the 9098i is a more refined and superior console.  This original console sold for over $500,000 new.  

Price: Call or Email for Price and Info


Digidesign Icon D-Control 32 Blue (Used)

32-Channel Recording Console This 32 channel Blue Icon D-Control comes from a climate controlled, well maintained private room where it was lightly used. It was installed by Digi certified techs, and is in pristine condition and comes with the XMON interface and cables. With the 32 Penny and Giles faders and dedicated multi purpose controls on the ICON, you can control every feature in Pro Tools, and create unique mixing configurations to suit your personal recording and mixing style.

Price: Call or Email for Price and Information


Vintage Neve V3 Console 48 Channels

with Flying Faders Still a Classic! It is very tough to compete with this console. Amazing EQs, Very Warm larger than life Mic Preamps, Dynamics on every channel and top notch build build quality

Price: Call or Email for Price and Info


SSL 4056G/G+ Analog Mixing Console

E242 Black EQ with Ultimation Built in 1991. Fitted with 48 mono SL611Ge Mic/Line modules with E242 Black EQ  and 8 stereo SL611S Stereo modules with E242 Black EQ, Plasma meters, Total Recall, Left-Hand Patchbay, G+ computer with dual 3.5” disk drives, Ultimation Faders, G+ center section audio card upgrades, triple power supplies with change over unit, tower rack, and manuals

Price: SOLD


SSL Mini Console 8-Module Loaded Frame

SSL Bucket Section Loaded with 8 SL611G Console Modules - DIY! The ultimate SSL DIY project is now available from Sonic Circus. We are proud to offer you a loaded rack of SSL bucket section with 8 SL611G channel strips. They include the desirable E242 Black EQ with the Bell switch.  This section of bucket comes straight out of an 1996 SSL 4000G+.  Excellent for a DIY console build or work these channel strips into your recording rig.

Price: $10,500.00



Midas Heritage 3000 Console (Used)

56-Channel Mixing Console Used Midas Heritage 3000 56-Channel Mixing Console. It includes 6 stereo modules. There are 3 power supply's (one extra) included with the sale, as well as a Midas Mixer Road Case. The road case is the "purple one", and includes casters. The serial number on the board is #3669 and was manufactured in 2004. This board was purchased new and has had only one owner. It is in excellent condition.It was never toured and is fully operational. It was used less than 6 times a year, mainly for corporate events.

Price: Call or Email for Price and Info


Yamaha DM2000 Console w/Argosy Furniture (Used)

Small Format Mixing Console with Furniture Used Yamaha DM2000 Small Format Mixing Console with an Argosy furniture surround. Well maintained, packed full of features.  

Price: $12,500.00



Calrec S2 Recording Console (Used)

This console was originally used at NBC studios and then was given to a college radio station and was never really used after that. The console has been recently tested and was up and running.

Price: Call or Email for Price and Info


Studer 089 MKI 12 x 2 Vintage Sidecar

1960's Modular Classic Mixer

1960's Vintage Studer 12 x 2 Console

Fully Modular (Including Faders)

12 Amazing Sounding Mic Pre-Amps capable of up to 81db of gain

Source available from the channel's own universal XLR input, either of the two internal sub mixes or from the 4 auxiliary inputs. Normal, flipped or no phase. No phase effectively mutes the channel. 

Selectable EQ curves; 3 at 60, 125 and 300Hz, another 3 at 3, 5.5 and 10 kHz. 

Up to +/- 6db of gain at 80Hz in 2db steps or another +/- 6db in 2db steps at 8kHz. 

Up to 9db of presence at either 1.5, 2.2, 3, or 4,4 kHz 

Choose from the available combinations.

Two reverb sends but if you want to bring them back you loose 2 of your 12 channels.

internal 20w amplifiers to drive attached speakers and another pair of 3w internal amplifiers to drive the internal speaker and the com out.

Price: $8,500.00



Euphonix CS2000 48 (Used)

48 Fader Recording Console Used Euphonix CS-2000 Recording Console. The console features 48 faders and 32 channels of dynamics. It has a new computer from January of 2012 and is running software version 3.2. Also included in the sale is the PSU, patchbays, and cabling. More photos and info available upon request.

Price: $18,500.00



SSL 4040E/G+ with Pro Tools HD and Apogee Converters

Complete studio package. This complete studio package includes an SSL 4040E/G+, a 2.8GHz Quad Core Intel Xeon Mac Computer with Cinema Display, an Avid Pro Tools HD2 System, and is topped off with an Apogee AD-16X/Apogee DA-16X pair.

Price: Starting at $1250 Per Month*


Neve VR60 Recording Console (Used)

Large Format Recording Console with Flying Faders Automation The VRs were the studio workhorses of the 90s, and they still sound great. The VR modules feature warm and deep EQs, outstanding compression and gating, and an extensive routing matrix to get your signals to your tape machine or DAW.

Price: Call or Email for Price and Info

Results 1-20 of 48123
Sort By Name Sort By Price