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Designed for Wall Mount or Dip Trap installation, 16 Mic Preamps on XLR, Phantom Power LED per Input, 4 XLR Line Outs and Locking EtherCon ports.


64 mic/line inputs, 32 line outputs, 96kHz sample rate, Variable bit-depth for ultimate precision and noise performance, Virtually infinite mix headroom thanks to 96bit accumulator, Class leading, ultra-low latency < 0.7ms.


128 in, 128 out, Switchable 48/96kHz sample rate, Waves SoundGrid audio networking, Multitrack recording and playback, Integrated 3-port Ethernet switch for connection of multiple devices, Input sharing with Waves V2 and V3 cards


128 in, 128 out, 96kHz sample rate, Ultra-low transport latency – 5 samples (52 us), Dual redundancy, Switchable Control Network Bridge

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