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Vintage-Flavored Fuzz Pedal with Massive Wall of Tones, Miles of Sustain and a True Bypass.


An extremely Versatile Phaser Pedal with Built-In TonePrint Technology, Kill-Dry, True stereo I/O & Four-knob interface.


Ultra-Compact High-Quality Reverb Pedal with Built-In TonePrints, one-knob control & Analog-Dry-Through.


Iconic Reverb Pedal with Groundbreaking MASH Footswitch and Shimmer Effect, road-ready design.


Organic Tube-Like Distortion with Tight Bottom-End and Natural Sag, 9 V battery (not included) & True Bypass.


Super-Saturated Tape Echo Pedal with Mod Switch, Delay, Sustain and Volume Controls.


TC Electronic G-system Ib Modified Guitar Pedal Effects TC Electronic G-system Ib Modified Guitar Pedal Effects is an effects and switching system used especially for guitars. To learn more about TC Electronic, Click Here View more products from TC Electronic


A studio-quality compressor/limiter Pedal with ultra-stable dynamics, metal chassis, True Bypass and a 9 V battery (not included).


Shimmering Reverb Pedal with Intuitive 4-Knob Interface for Modern, Ethereal Reverb Sounds.


Exceptional TonePrint-Enabled Delay Pedal with 16 Delay Types, 3 Presets and Tap Tempo.


Intuitive Three-Engine Delay Pedal with Flexible Routing, Subdivision Control, and Built-In TonePrints.


Ultra-Compact Delay Pedal with Built-In TonePrints & Audio Tapping, features 7 seconds of delay time, Analog-Dry-Through, True bypass.


Legendary Delay Pedal with Groundbreaking MASH Footswitch, Crystal Delay Effect, and Built-In TonePrint Technology.


TonePrint-Enabled Delay Pedal with 11 Classic Delay Types, Audio Tapping and 40 Second Looper.


Ultra-thick, high gain distortion with metal chassis, True Bypass & provide a Super tight response, Versatile mid-control.


A Bone-crushing metal distortion pedal with 2-knob interface and True bypass.


Features all-analog (BBD) circuit, slap-back echo, True Bypass & runs on 9 V battery or the TC Electronic Powerplug 9 (not included).


Retro Spring Reverb with Adjustable Dwell, Mix and Tone for Sparkling Reverb Sound.


A Dual-Track Guitar Looper Pedal with MIDI sync, True bypass, Analog-Dry-Through, Loop Decay Knob, Stereo I/O.


Provides 24-bit uncompressed audio, 5 minutes looping time with Stereo I/O and Loop Import/Export, & Analog-Dry-Through.


Highly Intuitive Looper Pedal with 5 Minutes of Looping Time, Analog-Dry-Through and True Bypass.


Intuitive Looper Pedal with Responsive BeatSense Technology, Rec-Play/Rec-Dub Modes, and Unlimited Overdubs.


Phenomenal Distortion Pedal with Extreme Dynamic Range, Two-Band EQ, and Voicing Switch.


Responsive Crescendo Pedal with 2-Knob Interface for Haunting Guitar Line Manipulation, metal chassis & Runs on 9 V battery or the PSU-SB DC power supply (not included).


Featuring individual sections for high-frequency boost and fuzz, sonically selected film, ceramic, mica, and electrolytic capacitors.


Features neutrik connectors, 1/4" input, XLR output, ground lift switch, oep/carnhill transformer, solid steel chassis.

MSRP: $1,629.00

Analog reactive load box and guitar recording system for tube guitar amps, featuring Dynamic Speaker Modeling, World-class Universal Audio EQ, compression, delay, and reverb effects built-in, Selectable 4, 8, and 16-ohm operation.


2 x Celestion 12" Vintage 30, Nominal impedance - 8 Ohms, Closed-back, rear-ported cab design, Baltic Birch construction, Proudly made in the USA.


Aux I/O connection supporting stereo input and send, Guitar amp output and headphone monitor output with separate master volume control, Latching or momentary footswitch control of FX loop for performance effects.


OX9 - a handcrafted H9 auxiliary switch with a form-fitting design that gives you more control and takes up less space on your board.

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