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The MPDI-4 is as musical as it is powerful and flexible, switchable -20 dB input pad and -10 dB output pad.


A variable-frequency low-cut filter and unique low and high detail equalization controls, a 20dB pad, polarity invert, +48V phantom power, a front panel instrument input, VU metering, and peak indicator.


API's classic 312 microphone preamp in a 500 series module and vintage style analog vu meter, 20 db pad switch.


The Wunder Audio cobalt pre has the same circuit/ input transformer and output transformer as the wunder audio PEQ2.


Circuitry features two inward connection’s VF600 all-discrete amp blocks.


Features, Class-A 8-channel Mic Preamps, Custom Rupert Neve Transformers, 24-bit/192kHz converters, Full Dante Integration, and Redundant Power Supplies, zero latency.


Dual channel Mic/Line Preamp, Class A, Impedance Switch, 20dB Pad, Hi pass Filter, Phase, 48V, DI, Ground Lift


4 band Mic Pre/EQ module, combining vintage 1066 and 1073 mid bands. EQ, Phase, Hi Pass, Mic/Line Gain


Mic Pre with 60dB of gain, Compressor with sidechain and highpass filter, PPM gain reduction meter. 2 space unit, Stereo Linkable


500 Series Mic Pre/DI, with 80dB of Gain, Pad, Hi Pass Filter Pad, and 80Hz Low-cut Filter, Mic/Line, Phase, 48V and Impedance


Classic ISA mic preamp design featuring Lundahl LL1538 input transformer with dedicated TRS line input socket with front-panel switch.


4 band Mic Pre/EQ module, combining vintage 1081 and 1073 mid bands. EQ, Phase, Hi Pass, Mic/Line Gain switching


Classic 3 Band EQ & Mic Pre Module

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