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The S15A features a single 15" low frequency driver for delivering frequencies all the way down to 28Hz, and pairs it with an internal 1200 amplifier for bass that you've likely never before experienced.


Active Near/Midfield Monitor with 125W 8" LF, 125W 1" HF Drivers and Time-aligned Cabinet with Rear-panel Room Response Controls (each)


Three-way Tri-Amplified system, which includes the Ocean Way tonal balance equalization system and electronic crossover.


3-way Active Main Studio Monitor with Time-aligned 500W 1" HF, 500W 8" LF, and 2400W Dual 12" Sub-bass Drivers; Hybrid Horn/Waveguide System; and 3400W 3-channel Amplifier (each)


Features of Four-way quad amplified high-resolution monitor system.