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Undertone Audio

In music, the undertone series or subharmonic series is a sequence of notes that results from inverting the intervals of the overtone series. While overtones naturally occur with the physical production of music on instruments, undertones must be produced in unusual ways.

Eric Valentine is an owner and founder, created UnderTone Audio as an outlet to build flexible gear for engineers, mixers, and producers outside his own studio, Barefoot Recording. Aside from cutting records for famous acts like Queens of the Stone Age, Slash, and Nickel Creek, he develops gear for audio engineers who want studio-grade hardware without investing in a full console. UnderTone Audio only uses Class-A circuitry and high-end mic preamps from its custom recording consoles to make products that outperform the rest.


The Pyra-Sum is a passive summing mixer that has what other summing mixers don't multiple cascading busses.


This, combined with our painstaking effort to match the commonly used impedances on popular guitars, basses, and amps, makes the GB Tracker sonically transparent. Your guitar or bass going through the GB Tracker will sound exactly the same as plugging directly into your amp.


An expansion to the GB Tracker allowing you chain multiple amps or place amps in a separate room.


High-resolution variable capacitance control, range of adjustment from 150 pF to 1650 pF in fifteen 100 pF step.


The MPDI-4 is as musical as it is powerful and flexible, switchable -20 dB input pad and -10 dB output pad.


The UNFa-1 Accessory is an add-on to the UnFairchild 670m mkII vari-mu tube compressor/limiter and feedforward compression in M/S modes.


Undertone Audio Unfairchild 670M II 2-Channel Tube Compressor / Limiter.