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Mastering engineers are a rare breed. They spend their lives in a world where fractions of a dB make all the difference. The P331 was designed to thrive in this environment…to elevate a perfect mix…a finishing touch…to enhance what’s already there in a very special and unobtrusive way. It’s been humbling to see how many engineers around the world have added it to their workflow. With all that said, we’ve heard from enough mix engineers who’ve spent time with the P331 that they want more. More saturation…more harmonics…more “in your face” without losing that P331 magic. Introducing the P331-EVL. It’s everything special about the original P331…just less polite.


The Whitestone Audio P331 Tube Loading Amplifier was developed to bring professional tracking, mix and mastering engineers versatile, elegant, precise and repeatable audio circuit variation.

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