Sonic Circus Tech Shop SSL Console Restoration

Sonic Circus Tech Shop Console Restorations

Sonic Circus Tech Shop SSL Console Restoration

We wanted to show you a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into our Used/Vintage consoles when you purchase one from Sonic Circus.

When the console is ordered, we determine the level of service that is required to bring it up to spec. Pictured here is a little SSL 4024 we are working on. We did a frame reduction down to 24 channels (From 56). The console will now be able to operate off of one power supply. Because of the consoles age (1989) we will go through and replace all of the capacitors in the EQ and Dynamics cards before we do the preliminary sweep and fault list. This helps us determine the additional service that we will need to do.

Pictured here: The SSL Center Section. This week we are recapping the center section cards. This will clean up all of the obvious faults before getting further in depth with component level trouble shooting.

Sonic Circus Tech Shop SSL Restoration

SSL 4000 center sections were intelligently engineered so the card cage could be lifted up and locked into place, so service technicians could gain easy access.

Sonic Circus Tech Shop SSL Restoration Detail

This week we installed the trim kit. The bolster (armrest) had to be cut down and also the meter bridge shelf.

Sonic Circus Tech Shop SSL Restoration Console

The patch bay is reduced to a 24 input configuration so we will need to re-label the patchy ID strips. We got power to the frame this week and are now documenting some of the logic issues so we can start to troubleshoot those.


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