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MSRP: $119.99

The new IO-Vector takes the traditional stereo bar to a new dimension–literally. IO-Vector provides four points of connectivity for 3-D positioning of creative, medical, and industrial devices.

MSRP: $35.99

IO-VM is an MIS Class D VESA mount optimized for securing, supporting, and positioning 12″ to 32″ video displays.

MSRP: $109.99

IO-WSP stud plate is similar to our popular IO-W wall/desk/ceiling mount with a shape designed for stud wall installation.

MSRP: $89.99

Synergy series IO-equipped spring clamp is the fast mounting version of our IO-GC grip clamp.

MSRP: $50.99

IO-WSP stud plate is similar to our popular IO-W wall/desk/ceiling mount with a shape designed for stud wall installation.

MSRP: $59.99

IO-W Wallplate provides a stable platform for mounting Triad-Orbit IO‑equipped microphone adapters, boom arms, tablet holders, and assorted accessories to flat surfaces including walls, ceilings, and desktops.

MSRP: $1,499.99

Since delivery in September 2018, Starbirds have found homes worldwide in motion picture and recording studios, sound stages, and location sites

MSRP: $514.97

Components included with this system: T3 Standard Tripod, O1-L Orbit Boom, and M2 Micro Adaptor

MSRP: $454.97

Components included with this system: T2 Standard Tripod, O1-L Orbit Boom, and M2 Micro Adaptor.

MSRP: $424.97

Components included with this system: T1 Standard Tripod, OM Orbit Mini Boom, and M2 Micro Adaptor.

MSRP: $23.99

Fits any Triad-Orbit 5/8" standard microphone mount and allows for precise leveling of 360 cameras, DSLR, GoPro, or any video camera. Secured with 5/8" locking ring (not included).

MSRP: $79.99

M3-R is designed to retrofit to traditional 5/8" stands and booms.

MSRP: $79.99

M3 Represents the best of M1 and M2, using the M1 longer stem for reach and stand-off for ease with shock mount rotation and basket positioning along with M2's 4 point compass post housing with a deeper crenel to go past 90° and the new upgraded textured stainless steel ball for tremendous hold.

MSRP: $44.99

M2-R is designed to retrofit to traditional 5/8" stands and booms.

MSRP: $44.99

M2 orbital adaptors utilize a miniature version of the Compass Point™ swivel housing found in Orbit 2 booms. Micro adaptors add ultra-precise positioning to Orbit booms. M2 is designed to suspend and position music, A/V, photo/video, lighting, iOS and multimedia devices.

MSRP: $439.99

A dual orbital boom system with detachable arms. Four aluminum, telescopic boom arms are included (2 short, 2 long), allowing users to configure the O2X for a multitude of tasks in seconds.

MSRP: $289.99

The world's first dual orbital arm boom, O2 is anchored by a novel center swivel that provides an additional 150° of left-right motion to the boom arms.

MSRP: $179.99

With its larger 2.2 lb counterweight, proprietary Orbit swivel, and robust quality, O1-L provides precise placement with an unparalleled range of motion and the longest reach of any conventional boom.

MSRP: $159.99

A miniature orbital boom that provides precision placement in tight quarters. Compatible with all T-O stands, IO-W wallplates and IO-C clamps. Same form and functionality of full-size Orbit booms with a 1.1 lb counterweight.

MSRP: $109.99

Designed with the same diverse applications as the larger OA Orbital Arm, where robust strength and hold is needed but where tight space and weight limitations are a concern.

MSRP: $139.99

OA is a freestanding version of a single Orbit 2-type orbital boom. An IO quick-change coupler is mounted directly to the OA ball swivel to form the ultimate T-O junction. Pair OA booms with IO-W wallplates or IO-C clamps.

MSRP: $79.99

Casters- Add industrial-grade locking casters to Triad stands.

MSRP: $369.98

Super stable rolling tripod stand featuring industrial-grade locking casters.


Selectable analog drive paths and active compound release analog limiting.


Powerful 2-channel compressor/limiter/stereo field manipulator and side-chain inputs with high-pass filters for both compressors.

$3,750.00 $3,375.00

Two Channel Vacuum Tube Dual Channel Mic Pre


The 1073 DPX has two channels of Neve 1073 Class A design microphone preamplifiers, each with 3-band EQ (fixed HF plus two switchable bands with cut/boost capability) and high pass filter 2 independent, genuine 1073® transformer-coupled microphone preamplifier / EQ circuits, in a single 2U 19″ rack mount enclosure Exclusive Neve®  Marinair™ transformers used on each [...]

MSRP: $3,495.00

The Q2 Audio F760X-RS "Compex Limiter" is a faithful recreation of the original but updated for modern manufacturing methods.

MSRP: $1,360.00

The Q2 Audio F765 is the compression and limiting sections of the famous "Compex Limiter" built into a single 500 Series slot.


Multi-channel Audio Interface for Pro Tools HD on Mac or PC

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