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Our LAAL mastering limiter is absolutely exceptional in many ways. An innovative idea of detection and limiting process allowed us to achieve a new standard in analog mastering.

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N-Trophy is a fully discrete, modular analog in-line console designed to become the heart of a modern analog or hybrid studio, where sound quality and fast, creative work is a key. Where you don't want to be overwhelmed by increasingly complex technology, but focus on the art itself.


Digital Monitor Mixing System with 36-channel Mixing Engine, High-resolution Display, USB Port, and Stereo 1/4" and 1/8" Outputs

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32Classic is a modern studio console that comes equipped with Atmos Monitoring and DANTE / Converters


LOOPTROTTER SATUR-8/24 is a unique Discrete Class A, 24 channel summing mixer with 8 channels of analog, solid state saturation modules. The design refers to the sound of old tube mixing consoles and tape recorders from the 1960's.


The second generation of the dual channel saturator is fitted with Looptrotter’s world famous solid state saturation circuit. It was created to add low order harmonics and smoothly even the signal in a musical and ear friendly way, significantly increasing the RMS level without raising peaks at the same time, so desired in modern music production.


Monster Compressor 2 is a device with a "right in your face character". It was redesigned to complement the "soulless", "super clean" digital technology and by adding color and life. The compression module evens the signal in a very pleasant and musical way, before the tube saturation. The unique combination of compression and tube saturation makes the sound seem distinctly closer, every detail stands out and gives the energy to the processed sound. It makes the sound more tactile and ear friendly.


EMPEROR LIMITER is an analog dynamics processor, which depending on the settings can work as a compressor, limiter or harmonics distortion generator. It was designed for creating the original, vivid, analog sound for instruments, subgroups and the whole mix.


LOOPTROTTER SATurAMP is one of a kind microphone / instrument preamplifier, equipped with Looptrotter's world famous solid state saturation circuit wrapped in 500 series format. Thanks to this unique combination SATurAMP is not only a creative and unique, but also universal tool capable of producing powerful sounds, with great detail preservation.


LOOPTROTTER EMPEROR 500 is an analog dynamics processor, which depending on the settings, can work as a compressor, limiter or harmonics distortion generator. It's design was inspired by limiters and transistor compressors from the 1960-ties. It uniquely enhances perceived loudness, warms up and brightens the audio signal in a very ear pleasant way.


LOOPTROTTER SAT 500 is a single channel module in 500 format fitted with Looptrotter's world famous saturation circuit. I was created to add low order harmonics and smoothly even the signal, all in an amazingly musical and ear friendly way, significantly increasing the RMS level at the same time.


LOOPTROTTER MODULAR CONSOLE is a perfect solution for all studios, producers and engineers who already use 500 series modules in their creative environment. The console is fully customizable and compatible with almost every 500 series module currently available on the market.


The Allen & Heath Avantis digital mixer was built to revolutionize the way you mix live sound. Equipped with the same dLive technology as Allen & Heath's flagship mixers, the Avantis is a 64-channel/42-bus compact console that strikes the perfect balance between old-school analog mixing and cutting-edge digital processing. Those who love analog mixers will appreciate the 24 channel strips complete with manual faders and PAFL switches.


Add 64 channels of bi-directional network audio to your dLive mixing system, with this Allen & Heath Dante 64x64 option card. It's the perfect way to split high channel counts, such as feeding the monitor mixing system from front of house. Live sound engineers at Sweetwater appreciate the reassurance of redundant network connections for mission-critical applications.


Achieve the ultimate in control over your mix with the Allen & Heath ME-1 Personal Mixer. Each performer can tailor their monitor mix easily and quickly with this networked solution. The compact and smart design of the ME-1 makes operation and setup a breeze.


The IP6 remote controller is a great way to enhance the flexibility of your Allen & Heath dLive system. This useful add-on connects to your system using standard TCP/IP and can be networked with other controllers, computers, and more via Ethernet.


Pultec EQP-500X 500-series equalizer


Classic Tube EQ with enhanced mastering controls


Classic Tube EQ -2U version of the 3U EQP-1A - Save some rack space keep the Mojo!


Classic Tube EQ - 2 RU version of the 3 RU EQP-1A


Classic Tube Program Equalizer


3 RU Tube EQ with Modified modified low-frequency boost/atten response curves


Classic Pultec single-channel two-band passive program equalizer in a 3U rack-mount chassis


Classic tube equalizer with modified frequency features


Classic midrange tube equalizer - Standard Version


Classic tube equalizer with enhanced mastering controls


Classic passive equalizer with API 2520 makeup gain stage


Recreation of the MEQ-5 based on the legendary API 2520 op-amp


Mastering version of the renowned EQP-1S 3U equalizer

MSRP: $119.00

For the best recording experience, we recommend using an external shock mount together with any Vintage Series microphone V67, V47, V12!