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Uniformly controlled cardioid polar pattern, also available in a hypercardioid polar pattern for tighter pick-up control, ADX12 or ADX18 Miniature Gooseneck Microphone, TM1218 Flange Table Mount, WS1218 External Windscreen.

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Complete immunity from RF interference, easy to install, equipped with a terminal block connector, M40 Miniature Ceiling Microphone, CONN170F 1' Integrated Microphone Cable, CONN170M The Mating Terminal Connector.


Set includes 1 x M3 Ceiling Microphone, 1 x JBM3 Plenum Rated Junction Box, 1 x ANCHRJB60V2 Seismic/fire Strain Relief, 1 x CBLM3TERM Breakout Cable.

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Set including: 1 x MicroPod™ Which Consists Of The M1250B Microphone Combined With Either a 6, 12 or 18 Inch Gooseneck, 1 x TM1218 Flange Table Mount, 1 x WS1218 External Windscreen

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ADX40 Miniature Overhead Condenser Microphone, APS910 Cylindrical Preamplifier, HANGER40 Wire Hanger, P1 Carrying Pouch, 30' Attached Shielded Cable, WS10 External Windscreen.

MSRP: $245.00

Boundary condenser microphone designed for stage, studio and broadcast applications.

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