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AEA Ribbon Mics

Over the years, AEA has advanced ribbon technology, using new materials and updated manufacturing techniques. They now make a whole line of ribbon mics that each give musicians a unique sonic signature.

Microphone Solutions

Every microphone has been developed to fill the needs and solve problems of engineers and musicians alike. Selecting the right mic is like selecting an instrument, and your microphone is a true extension of your instrument. For over 20 years, their goal has been to create the best microphones and preamps and to bring the imaginations of musicians and engineers to life.


Unmistakably silky smooth top end, versatility, and visual presence of the R44 ribbon mic in an economy version: The AEA R44CE Ribbon Mic


Features of The R88 and its single-channel sibling, the N8, were designed with minimal material surrounding the ribbon.


X-Motor Mod: High-Output version (6dB more than the original) of AEA’s flagship R44C.


X-Motor Mod: High-Output version (6dB more than the original) of R44CE. Distinguished by one-piece cushion mount and formed steel yoke with a satin nickel finish and red accent.


End-address uni-direction ribbon microphone with Supercardioid pattern and high pass filter.


AEA TRP2 optimized for ribbon mics, condensers, and dynamics with 1U half-rack with optional hardware, two channels with 85dB, switching power supply.


NUVO N22 Stereo Kit includes: 2 N22, Microphones, SKB carrying case, SMS, Stereo Bar, 2 Nuvo Windscreens, and Blumlein Coupler.


Active Ribbon Mic Designed for close-up use and live use with minimal proximity effect


Phantom powered, ultra-quiet version of the iconic R44 microphone


Passive stereo ribbon mic for XY and MS


Active Ribbon Mic Designed for far-field, overheads, strings, and room mics


Formerly called the A840 with a new lower price! Active Ribbon Mic with Toroidal Transformer and JFET electronics


Unique passive ribbon with supercardioid pattern


Clean, high-gain 500 Series Mic Pre, with Curve Shaper, Stepped Gain, Output fader, LF Cut, 48V Phantom, Phase, with Peak LED Meter


Passive studio ribbon for close-up use


Classic passive ribbon mic inspired by the 44


The faithful reproduction of the iconic RCA 44 Ribbon Mic