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Provides easy cable management simple installation with rugged steel design.


A PCIe expansion card to computers without slots with one PCIe 3.0 x 8 slots and 40gbps Thunderbolt 3 interface.


Rear panel connectivity-gigabit ethernet HDMI and two USB 3.0 ports are mounted at the rear of the chassis for easy connectivity.

This product has been discontinued.

Connects three full-length PCIe cards to any computer with thunderbolt 3 ports-use multiple high-performance PCIe cards at the same time.


PCIe card expansion for thunderbolt 3 interface which provides space for installing additional devices with three PCIe slots.


Thunderbolt cable and thunderlok included-includes thunderbolt cable and thunderlok thunderbolt connector retainer clip to secure cable from accidental disconnections.


Rackmount solution for mac mini-secures one or two minis inside a rugged steel 1u enclosure.